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Did You Know That You Can Use Your Taxpayer ID Number To Go To Beauty School?

Posted on July 28, 2016 by ICOC



A technical education in the fields of cosmetology and esthetics can open the door to a career that is rewarding, stable, and lucrative.

Different from traditional colleges and universities, technical and vocational training programs directly prepare students to work in the industry in a much shorter amount of time.

International College of Cosmetology is dedicated to providing a pathway to a better life for our students.

Learn about Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers and using them to apply for school.

What Is A Taxpayer ID?

A taxpayer ID refers to the “Individual Taxpayer Identification Number” assigned by the Internal Revenue Service to ensure that all people earning wages in the United States are paying the appropriate amount of tax.

U.S citizens and legal residents are assigned a Social Security Number,  those awaiting legal citizenship status can apply for a Taxpayer Identification Number so that they can work in the interim. This number does not affect immigration/citizenship status nor does it constitute work authorization. Learn more about ITINs and immigration here.

ITINs and Education

In the state of California, you can also use your Taxpayer ID number to attend school, which can make a big difference for those who are seeking legal citizenship.

The immigration process in the United States is both, lengthy and expensive. Allowing individuals the opportunity to attend school helps to bridge the gap that many immigrants and normalized citizens face in trying to secure stable, well-paying work.

Though, obtaining an ITIN does not qualify individuals for federal funding such as subsidized signature loans, or pell grants.

New students enrolling at ICOC with an ITIN earn an automatic tuition credit up to $4,250 and are eligible to apply for third-party scholarships.

Why Choose ICOC?

The International College of Cosmetology is not just a beauty school, we a network of professionals dedicated to helping our students and our community in every way possible.

But most importantly, we are family in every sense of the word. There are not strangers at ICOC, just new friends and new opportunities for growth. For many schools, students are numbers reflected in terms of pass-rates and tuition paid; but here you are part of our family.

We teach you the skills that you need to work as a professional in the industry and the support that you need to be successful.

ICOC also provides flexible payment options for students struggling to finance the cost of their education, offering monthly payment plans to avoid paying hefty lump sums out-of-pocket, and all at once.

Call or come in today to see what the International College of Cosmetology can do for your future.


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