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Night Classes: Why Are They Beneficial?

Posted on August 22, 2016 by Oozle Media


Going to cosmetology school is a big deal. It’s an incredibly rewarding career with endless job opportunities. And it all starts with your education. Choosing the right program for you can make a big difference.

At ICOC, we understand that every student’s situation is unique. So we offer both nighttime and daytime classes for the following courses:

We know that day classes are not right for everyone. So here are a few benefits that come with signing up for our evening classes:

The Schedule

Many night-class students work earlier in the day or are taking other courses during the day. Having a night class gives you time between your morning activities to relax, study, and refresh for beauty classes at night. The schedule makes having a full-time job possible. These later classes are also popular for students that have children.

The Amount of One-on-one Class Time

Because our night classes often end up smaller than our daytime classes, our certified instructors have more time to work with each student one-on-one. If you enjoy working with smaller groups, or even with one other individual, you’ll love nighttime classes.

The Energy

Unlike early morning classes, evening classes are often more energetic. Almost everyone has had the chance to wake up their brains and get going for the day. Using the time before class starts also gives you the chance to study and brush up on material so you are prepared when you get to class.

The Change

Many colleges only offer traditional, daytime classes. If you are tired of the usual, try changing your schedule. Taking a night class might be the best decision for you and your education.

Are night classes appealing to you? Contact one of our admissions representatives to learn more about entering one of our programs.

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