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The Benefits of Being a Bilingual Cosmetologist

Posted on November 9, 2016 by Oozle Media

There are numerous reasons why speaking more than one language can be beneficial to a person, especially from a career standpoint. Cosmetology is no exception to that. Here are five ways that being bilingual can further your career in cosmetology.

It opens career paths for you

You have mastered a skill that is used around the world. Cosmetology is practiced globally and being bilingual could open doors to international cosmetology experiences. Employers locally and internationally will be over the moon that you can communicate with more than one language. Being multilingual is one skill that many cosmetologists forget to mention. Advertise your talents! Put it on your resume and business cards.

It can earn you more money, literally

Not only will employers value your language skills but you are actually likely to earn a higher income compared to those who only speak one language. Economists have found that bilingual men earn 3.6% more than those who speak only English and bilingual women earn upwards of 6.6% more. So the next time you think about leaving your bilingual talents off of your resume, think twice!

It can broaden your clientele

Someone who solely speaks Spanish, for example, is not going to want to entrust their hair to someone they can’t effectively communicate with. That is just a recipe for disaster. With your ability to communicate with speakers of other languages, you’ve successfully opened your chair to an entire group of clients that would not be there otherwise.

It strengthens your multitasking skills

As a cosmetologist, we all know the importance of multitasking. You have to be able to formulate color formulas in your head, decide what products to use and hold a conversation, all while doing a haircut. Cosmetology is not for the faint-hearted or easily overwhelmed. In an article by The New York Times it was said that people who speak more than one language tend to have the ability to ignore distractions to stay focused, and the ability to focus their attention from one direction to another while withholding information. Speaking more than one language is kind of like multitasking for your brain, it has to juggle the different languages. Therefore, your power to multitask in your daily life is increased!

It expands your style

Because of your broadened clientele, you will have such a diverse group of clients. This is great news for you! You will get to delve into the world of each client and learn more about their styles and preferences. Not only will you be able to keep up with the trending styles of the American culture but you will have the upper hand by knowing what’s trending throughout other cultures.

Have you experienced any of the benefits of multilingualism in your cosmetology career? Tell us in the comments!

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