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A Beauty Education That Extends Beyond Borders

Posted on June 28, 2017 by Oozle Media

Beauty is worldwide. It extends over borders and over generations. It has evolved and morphed and become something that, while universal, is also a unique experience to each culture, to each country that houses it.
Because of that, when you go to a beauty school you are often taught the lessons of the culture you are in. But what if you could immerse yourself in a beauty school that transcends languages, that moves past the borders of culture and country and welcomes students from all over the world to learn and grow together?

A Diverse Culture

At the International College of Cosmetology we do just that. As one of the only cosmetology schools in the United States that works with the Student and Exchange Visitor Program we have a student body that is as diverse as the arrivals gate at Oakland International airport.
With students not only from the United States, but from Vietnam, Ecuador, China, Mongolia, and so many more amazing countries it means that our floor is full of languages and full of style and trends from everywhere on this amazing planet.

You Can Hear The Difference

Language is powerful, and you will hear multiple in our classes and on our floor. Not only are our classes offered in English, but in Spanish as well. In addition, reading materials are provided in a wide variety of languages. While this may sound like a noisy experience, what it really means is that no matter what language you come in speaking, you can leave knowing more.
We can’t promise you that you will be fluent in English, Spanish or Chinese in addition to your native tongue, but you definitely can earn enough to change your life in ways that you never thought possible.
Language is a beautiful thing, and the more you know, the more doors you can find open for you.

Culture Clash?

With so many language and cultures in one place it may seem like things could converge in a troubling, complicated mess. In fact, it does anything but. Our student competitions are filled with looks from all around the world, while styles and trends are shared and taught on a global platform.

icoc graduation

With so many cultures in one place, it gives us the opportunity to deepen our curriculum and add a hidden layer to our current partnerships with Dermalogica and Wella.

Travel Without the Pricetag

School can be expensive on its own, and that is no secret. It would be easy to think that with all of this culture, with all of this diversity and added skill, that the price tag would increase to match. That would not be the case. Tuition at the International College of Cosmetology is comparable if not lower than many surrounding cosmetology schools. As a fully accredited facility with many product partners, we are proud to offer an affordable education to not only those local to us, but to those worlds away.

The education you receive in beauty school is influenced by the culture of the school, but what if your school was full of culture?

To discover how our inclusive classes can transcend a traditional beauty school education contact us today.

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