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Cosmetology 1000 Hours Program

Get the skills to be a Cosmetologist Professional in 6 Months With Hands-On Experience

Cosmetology Class Hair Service

Hairdressing isn’t learned from textbooks; it’s learned in the salon. As a student in this program, you’ll have the opportunity to work with real clients in our student salon.
Under the guidance of experienced cosmetology educators, you’ll provide a wide variety of clients with the same types of services offered in any salons, spas, and barbershops.
You’ll enter the professional world with confidence, fully prepared to build your client base, after gaining so much direct, real-world experience before you graduate.
International College of Cosmetology can give you in-depth training on all the latest rules and regulation of State board, therefore you will be ready to pass your California Cosmetology State Licensing Exam and launch a successful career in the beauty industry.

In as little as six months, you can graduate from the International College of Cosmetology and obtain your state license. Once you have your license, many exciting career opportunities could potentially be open to you!
At completion, students will receive a Certificate and will be certified to take the California State Board Examination for Cosmetology. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a license to practice Cosmetology in the State of California.

Our 1,000 Clock Hours Cosmetology Program is designed to blend theory and hands-on training with valuable work experience on the student salon floor. You’ll learn the fundamentals of hair care, skin care, and nail technology and gain a valuable foundation in business and ethics. With the Cosmetology License, you will earn variety income in the beauty industry.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Cosmetology 1000 Clock-Hours Program

  • Haircutting & Styling
  • Coloring
  • Chemical Texturing
  • Manicuring/Pedicuring
  • Facials
  • Makeup
  • Hair Removal
  • Product Knowledge
  • Retail Sales

Cosmetology Class

Flexible schedules minimum is 16 hours per week

We know there is work obligation or have family responsibilities while you go to school. ICOC understand that most people don’t have the luxury of taking time off of their responsibilities to pursue a new career.
We have created this program for this particular students just 2-days per week. This allows you to complete the program and balances things like work, family, and other commitments.

Schedule options:

  • 6 Months Program- Full-Time Attendance: 40 hours/week
  • 7.5 Months Program- Full-Time Attendance: 32 hours/week
  • 10 Months Program- Part-Time Attendance: 24 hours/week
  • 14 Months Program- Half-Time Attendance (Two Days a Week): 16 hours/week

Class start dates:
Registration every first and third week of the month. You can walk-in, call 510-261-8256, or email to schedule an appointment to take the first step in starting your career in Cosmetology today.

Class hours schedules:

  • Lecture Class: 08:30am – 10:00am
  • Practical Training: 10:15am – 04:30pm

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The tools you need to succeed

Cosmetology Kit

The kit is yours to keep and will help you make a smooth transition from student to Cosmetology professional.
Click here for more information on the COSMETOLOGY KIT LIST.

Affordable Tuition.

Why take out student loans for studying at Beauty School? We believe everyone has the chance to study what they love with affordable tuition. We offer Financial Aid to those who qualify! As well a no-interest payment plan. We do not provide any type of loans at ICOC. We want our students to graduate with DEBT free!