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Externship Program

Externship Program

International College of Cosmetology participates in the Externship program, which serves as a bridge between college and employment. Furthermore, the Externship program provides opportunities for the student to work in our personally selected salons throughout the greater Bay Area. Externship is provided based on salon availability.

The Externship Program is a voluntary program that is based on the cooperation of the participating school, salon, and student. The program is designed to provide the student extern with practical salon experience and exposure, while attending a beauty school. It’s a good way to sample different salons while still in school. Under existing law, students who are enrolled in approved courses of instruction in cosmetology schools may, upon completion of a minimum of 60 percent of the clock hours required for graduation in the course, work as externs in establishments participating in the educational program of the school. (Bus. & Prof. Code, § 7395.1,subd. (a).) The student can participate in the Extern Program when they reach 660 hours (cosmetology students) or 450 hours (esthetic students) and 240 hours (manicure students) also must have at least a 95% attendance record, and are current with all tests and have at least a 95% or better average on their tests.

Students receive clock-hour credit toward graduation, as well as credit for theory hours and/or operations.

The mission of International College of Cosmetology is to prepare students to pass the state exam while providing a creative and nurturing educational environment, which promotes personal and professional success in Cosmetology Arts & Sciences.

The Externship Program helps to:

  • Train and prepare students to pass the state exam
  • Prepare students for employment
  • Teach students professionalism and customer service
  • Introduce new trends and styles 

Salon/Spa Job Postings

International College of Cosmetology (ICOC) does not offer placement assistance, however; over the year ICOC has built strong working relationships with salons thorough out the Bay Area. Because prospective employers recognize our commitment to quality and our reputation for innovation and excellence, they regularly send us job openings.

Please call: (510)261-8256 or send email: for more information.